Seiko VS. Citizen – Which is the best watch maker?

Seiko was founded by a men called Kintaro Hattoriā€™s 125 years, making watches from another level for all of this time, and transferring the knowledge from generation to generation.


Citizen got it’s name because of the vision of it’s founders. It was built to supply the demand of the customers of having high quality watches for a price that everyone can afford.


both companies are extremely successful today with many fans all over the world.

So which one is best? Actually this question can only be answered by you, because it depends on the type of watch you want.
If you don’t care that much about the price, seiko might be a better option because they are offering more luxury watches, and Citizen offer the cheaper ones.

Also if you prefer classic look – Citizen will be perfect for you and if you want a strong divers watch, you have to go for Seiko.

If you are interested in a Citizen watch, you might consider the Citizen Eco drive wr100 titanium. You can read more about it here.

If you are interested in a Seiko watch, you can try the Seiko SKX007 (my all time favorite). More information in here.

Hope you will make you pick right.

Good luck!